woensdag 19 juli 2017

a day in Hoorn ...

Weavers market in Hoorn
only once a year on a Wednesday in July ...
Many "textile-friends" 
have that date fixed in their calendar !

Daughter and I were going by our friend Caroline's car,
a one and a half hour drive from Rotterdam.

A warm and sunny day
(though the weather forecast wasn't that pleasant for the afternoon ...)

There were already lots and lots of people when we arrived !
We split because Caroline waited for some more friends
that were coming from other places.

colours !

peg loom and wooden printing blocks

"Kantha" (inside of a jacket)

"Kantha" (outside of another one)

Soooo much to see ...
sooooo many goodies ...
I know there were others (that I know) on the market
but I hardly saw a familiar face,
only lovely "STUFF"

The five of us had a good lunch near the harbor ...

(no ... no eel ...
they were just bringing these inside, from the "IJsselmeer")

... on a (wobbly) boat, with a view on the harbor mouth
where lots of sailboats were seeking refuge
for the foretold bad weather)

(bad weather that didn't come)

Then back to the market !

Where there was some lady, that makes beautiful shrouds out of felt, for burial

And more stalls with more lovely items.

In the end of the afternoon it was so hot again
that we went home before it all ended.

At home Man waited with hommmme mmmmmade Lasagna !!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm !

Time to see what goodies the two of us had

A hand dyed shawl, cotton scrim, wool with silk,
silk hankies, labradorite pendant, drop spindle and some
special closures for felted bags.
Abundance ! 


Because of the sweltering heat in the afternoon
the toads (eight or nine) came out for diner ...
probably flying ants.

What a day !

zondag 9 juli 2017

only one night ...

We visited family this evening
(uhhhhm already yesterday ...)
The sun went down with a silver lined cloud
while on the other side the full moon rose,
big on the horizon ...
a lovely night !
Just like some nights ago when we were surprised
by no less than six BIG flowers
flowers of the night
big as the full moon !

Five flowers + the "moon" of my flash light.
(number six is more to the right)

It's easy to know that the flowers opened :
a heavy sweet scent tells it all !

almost 20 cm  (8") !

But ....
only a beauty for one night ...

the very next morning it's over 

vrijdag 30 juni 2017

summer fun

Just some FUN things
that belong to summer days

How big can soap bubbles grow ???

Brothers having a go in the "green" water
(not easy to determine what direction to go,
when each has one paddle )

Other bits of garden :

Filipendula rubra "Venusta"
Always worth waiting for till they bloom !
(and they spread ... !)

Blue Phlox ... WITH fragrance !

Seedling from somewhere (?)

This one the same colour as the Filipendula !

Sanguisorba (obtusa ... I think)

Rose campion and  drum sticks

and this funny Euphorbia (...?)

Summer is such a good time in the garden

zaterdag 24 juni 2017

fresh start

After I finished the Sweet Sunrise
and the little Solstice piece
I looked for some water soluble and red fabrics in my stash
and put the sewing machine on the table :
time for "something completely different"

Flowers are on my mind,
poppies !

I always love stitching on the water soluble stuff.
It's like painting with little snippets
and drawing with the machine.

This time I used the thin, plastic-like water soluble.
I have the other, thicker kind,
that looks more like interfacing, too,
but this is OK for the small things I'm stitching right now.

It's such fun you can use any snippets you like !

Now that I've finished the first batch,
I'm not sure about the size ...
They're bigger than I thought they would be
I might have to re-think what background I use ...
Started with some "break-down printing" piece
but I might need something else
something bigger.

My plans aren't fixed yet ...
(they hardly ever are   ;-) ... )

woensdag 21 juni 2017

summer solstice

We're right here
on a hot first day of summer.

Right time and right temperature
for my little
Solstice piece

Summer Solstice 2017

It has a hot whirling center

in soft rainbow colours.

The cross hairs started as just a thin black line
in checkered fabric that I wove for the center.
Next I extended that line with dark stitch,
Then stitched my "magic thread" 
perpendicular of that first line.
At some places there's tulle on top.

Happy Solstice !
(either summer or winter)

dinsdag 20 juni 2017

so privileged !

I feel very privileged
that I can call myself the owner
of this beautiful textile work of art !

An original MOLA

I am sooooo happy with it !

Mola's are made by the Kuna Indians
which live on small islands off the coast of Panama.
The women make two, with related images,
for the front and back of their blouse.
They get their inspiration from their own culture (like this one)
but also from any other image they come across and like.
Even political ones, floral or animal pictures,
but also geometrical patterns.

This mola is about the INNA ritual : a puberty ritual for girls
cutting their hair to the short way the grown women wear.
A three-day feast (where everyone wears a new mola-blouse) 
with lots of "chicha" made out of fermented cane suger
with lots of rum !
Here the chicha is brought for testing to the two "Kantules",
judges and masters of ceremonie, who sing about the history
of the  INNA feast

It's a kind of reverse appliqué with three layers of cotton
cutting out images of the top layer,
adding extra colours underneath
and stitched with the tiniest of stitches.

Smoking a pipe while preparing the chicha.
(you can compare the size with my fingers)
Such amazing tiny and precise stitches !!!

The back of it.

We not only purchased one
but also one for our daughter !

A man and woman gathering fruits in the jungle.
The figure in the middle is the spirit
that guards the tree.

Some details.

(No need to say daughter LOVES hers too)

A Dutch lady, Els Mommers, who lives on the small Caribbean island Saba,
has visited the Kuna Indians for almost 25 years
and buys the molas from them, so the women
can earn an honest living with their Craft.
(please check out her blog to see these wonderful works of art)

zondag 18 juni 2017

nearly midsummer

Sometimes time rushes by
and I don't really notice
what date it is
(being retired does that to you)
But now I have started a small piece (15cm x 15cm)
for Summer  Solstice.

The weather is very warm right now
so why not take colours that match that !

Of course I started with
"glue-stitching" it all together,
so no nasty pins that catch your thread
when you start stitching !

In my stash was something a St'nB-friend gave me

It's the finest batiste
and believe it or not :

this is definitely hand stitched !!!

It's so hot right now
that the garden isn't the right place to do the stitching.
The sunshade down, the garden door closed,
to keep the heat from getting inside,
hmmmmmm ... that's better !


Here's the "Sweet Sunrise" piece of some days ago,
finished but not yet mounted on a canvas.

(I think the crochet is a bit from my Australian friend Jacky)

Love how the thick bundles of stitches work ...

A few weeks ago it was
"fish" time
See for yourself !

But not only for me,
also for Man who started drawing himself !
Around the drawings of his favorite colouring book
(always thought he couldn't ...)

Isn't that FUN !